Maestro Dual

* Custom size mattresses available. Price calculated per sq.m: 1259€

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A celebration of quality - Maestro Dual combines the excellence of natural fibres with the the innovative Dual Core technology, invented by Magniflex, offering two different kinds of support for each partner, without having to compromise the comfort. Designed to provide an exceptional sleeping experience.


60 years

Precious satin fabric that is soft to the touch and that has undergone a special antibacterial treatment.
The mattress cover is removable and easy to wash.

Precious natural materials:
– Winter side in Wool, Cashmere, Memoform, and hypoallergenic fiber to keep you warm and snug during the winter.
– Summer side in Linen, Silk, Memoform, and hypoallergenic fiber for maximum freshness during the hot summer months.
– Hypoallergenic and breathable fiber that provides a sensation of added comfort while you sleep.
– Memoform, is an anatomical material that perfectly adapts to the shape of your body.

The Dual Core system gives the perception of a different comfort level simply by flipping the inside of the mattress.
The box spring contains inner boards to provide added support even when you are seated on the edges of the mattress.
– Board in Mauve 3 cm with soothing properties.
– The Memoform (thickness: 3 cm) reacts to the weight of the body to perfectly adapt to any type of body build, providing a snug sensation of comfort and anatomical support to the whole body.
– The board in Aquabreeze (3 cm), which is flexible and breathable, provides soft and cozy support.
– Structure with 5 differentiated zones to provide ideal support to every part of the body.

The board in Elioform (17 cm) ensures optimal and firm support to the back.



Viscose Satin


Mallow foam



Cool - Cozy, Extra comfort, Breathable
  • Dual Core system enables the perception of different degrees of comfort by just turning the mattress over. Two types of comfort in one mattress
  • The side support box contains the inner layers allowing to comfortably sit on the sides of the mattress.
  • A “Soft” side in Mallow Foam and Memoform offers anatomical support and embracing comfort.
  • A “Medium Soft” side in Aquabreeze for optimal back support.
  • Layer made of high-density Aquabreeze, an extremely flexible and breathable material,that provides comfortable and cosy support.
  • Plate in Mallow Foam provides relaxing anatomical support.
  • The Airyform process allows the air passing inside the mattress.
  • Diversified support for head, shoulders, back, waist and legs.
  • The Winter side in natural fibers of Wool and Cashmere offers a snug sensation and an ideal microclimate.
  • The Summer side is in natural Linen and Silk fibers for a dry and breathable microclimate.
  • Padding in Memoform and hypoallergenic fiber, offers extra comfort.
  • Cover in breathable Viscose Satin, which is soft to the touch.

Dual Core


Natural Breathable

Winter/Summer side

Removable cover

Boxed layer



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