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60 years
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A. Cover
The cover is different on the two sides of the mattress. On the one hand it is made of viscose, which makes the mattress soft and silky to the touch and has a greater ability to dissipate perspiration, promoting perspiration. On the other side, the fabric made of breathable 3D fiber favors the passage of air even inside the mattress. A special 3D circumferential strip increases breathability. For complete hygiene, the cover is completely removable and washable.

B. The padding
The hypoallergenic fiber padding gives extra comfort throughout the night.


C. Level of comfort
The special massaging process of the Eliosoft layer (5 cm) offers differentiated support for the 5 areas of the body, regenerating the microcirculation and exercising a constant massage during rest, giving a continuous sensation of well-being and comfort.

D.Base layer
Base layer The Elioform layer (5 cm), thanks to its composition in foam with a high density microcellular structure, gives a more decisive and orthopedic support to the spine.

Breatheble 3D Fiber

Viscous side of the enclosure





Children enjoy sleeping as it takes them into a magical dream world. That's why Magniflex has created the unique Fiaba line, a fairy tale that allows children to sleep on a mattress made of all-natural materials that are gentle on their skin while providing the ideal support for their growing bodies.



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